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What clients say:

The fact that I've been able to do this much so quickly is testament to XLRotor's ease of use and intuitiveness....and your terrific customer support!

Tom McGuinness
Manager & Senior Consultant, Turbosystems Engineering, Inc.

Engineering Sites

www.bearingsplus.com Bearings Plus, Inc. They design and fabricate custom engineered products for turbomachinery including Flexure Pivot tilt pad bearings, TAMSEAL pocketed dampers, integral squeeze film dampers and high speed disk pack and diaphragm flexible couplings. The also have technical articles on rotordynamics available for free download.

www.betamachinery.com Beta Machinery Analysis, Ltd. They provide services in design, troubleshooting, optimization and RM&D (remote monitoring & diagnostics) of plant machinery. They also have a very good library of rotating machinery vibration publications available by email request.

www.engdyn.com Engineering Dynamics, Incorporated. Expert consultants in machinery dynamics and piping vibration. They also have a very good collection of publications available for free download.

www.engineers.com Software library and links to other sites.

www.maintenanceforums.com Another sister web site to vibrationshool.com. Has a variety of forums and links to other sites.

www.matweb.com A truly great resource for material properties. A very extensive and useful online database for a wide range materials.

www.plant-maintenance.com Lots of information here. Job postings. Publications. Forums. Long list of software, some of it free.

www.reliabilityweb.com A sister web site to vibrationschool.com. A great deal of information focused on machinery reliability. A gateway to an extensive knowledge base, magazine, email newsletters, tutorials, conferences, and discussion groups.

www.sandv.com Sound and Vibration Magazine. A great magazine for anyone making a living in the field of machinery vibration, and it’s free. Articles are available online. Discussion forum.

turbolab.tamu.edu The Turbomachinery Laboratory of Texas A&M University. Sponsors of the Turbomachinery and Pump Users Symposia. One of the best sources for technical articles on dynamics of rotating machinery available anywhere. Discussion forum. Links to other turbomachinery related publications.

www.vi-institute.org The Vibration Institute. A very good resource on machinery vibration. Book sales. Vibration forum. Short courses. Online vibration dictionary.

www.vibrationschool.com Vibration School. Web based vibration analysis training. Good educational resource, with links to other sites. Sponsors a very active forum on maintenance and troubleshooting.