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What clients say:

The quality of our pumps depends on their structural design, hydraulic performance, and rotordynamic properties. XLRotor helps us optimize the dynamic properties of our pumps, resulting in the lower maintenance costs and high reliability that our customers really appreciate.

R. Jackowicz
Senior Design Engineer, Yeomans Chicago Pumps


Four files are available for download—the Full Version of XLRotor, the XLRotor Data Sheet, the XLRotor Tour, and the XLRotor 5-station full-featured evaluation demo version.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with all downloadable files on the XLRotor site, the Tour and Demo do NOT include cookies, web beacons, or other intrusive components. If you download the files and then choose to uninstall, the software will be entirely removed, leaving no files, spyware, adware, or other artifacts on your system.

The XLRotor Data Sheet

The XLRotor Data Sheet is an Adobe Acrobat file (XLRdata.pdf) with a full description of XLRotor features. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to view the file.

Download the XLRotor Data Sheet (199k, Acrobat PDF)

Latest Version of XLRotor for Existing Customers

Existing customers with active Technical Support and Upgrades are entitled to run the latest version of XLRotor.  A CHECK FOR UPDATES from XLRotor will verify your eligibility for an update, if available and provide the option to download it.

Please see our Upgrade Policy.  License keys will not run any versions of XLRotor released since the expiration of Technical Support and Upgrades.  If you require a legacy version of XLRotor compatible with your key, please send an email to SUPPORT@XLRotor.COM or directly to your XLRotor support engineer.

The XLRotor Tour as a Windows Help File

The XLRotor Tour is in the form of a Windows Help file, and is a 1.4 MB download (1,379,881 bytes, last updated 10/25/2004). This demo is a Windows help file hypertext document. You need only Microsoft Windows to run this demo (for Windows Vista or later this requires HLP file support be installed). Excel is not required. This demo will show you pictures of what XLRotor looks like in action, tell you about some of its many features and benefits, and give you a feel of what it’s like to perform your own analysis. The file is a self installing executable file. Just download it, run it, and follow the prompts to install the demo on your hard drive. This tour has an uninstaller which can be used to completely remove it.

Download the XLRotor Tour (1.4 MB, requires Windows)

The Full Featured Version of XLRotor, 5-Station Demo

The XLRotor evaluation version is a full working version of XLRotor 5.82, and includes the many example analysis files. It is approximately 151 megabytes in size. Last updated May 8, 2021.

The XLRotor evaluation version is ideal if your goal is to study and learn about rotordynamic analysis.  The evaluation version is limited in that it will permit analysis of models of 5 or fewer stations. However, you can also run any analysis with any of the included example files, many of which are more than 5 stations, as long as the shaft model is not changed (you can change everything else, including the bearings, imbalances, analysis options, etc.).  

Included in the demo is the analysis code XLHydroDyn for design of fluid film bearings. The demo version will run any of the included XLHydroDyn sample workbooks. Anything in these files can be modified and rerun except the journal diameter and pad axial length.

The installation program for the evaluation version will prompt you for a password. The password will be sent to you via email. The XLRotor evaluation version cannot be installed without the password, so enter your email address very carefully. Please let us know if you encounter any problems downloading, installing or running the program (email tech support). An uninstaller is included which can be used to completely remove the program.

By default, XLRotor can and will install without administrator privilege.  You may right-click the setup program and select “Run as Administrator” from the context menu, but this should not be necessary.

Information Required to Download

    Email SUPPORT@XLRotor.COM if you have any problems downloading the demo or receiving the email with the password which is sent automatically. You may also try downloading directly from www.xlrotor.com/files/xlrotor583full.exe but you will still need the installation password sent by email.

    The password email should arrive within a few minutes, if not check your junk folder and that your email address is correct. The email will be From: SUPPORT@XLRotor.COM, Subject: XLRotor Installation Password.