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What clients say:

The Excel based platform for XLRotor is easy to use and makes it easy to keep all pieces of an analysis together and documented in a common location. Dr. Murphy has steadily enhanced the program over the 20+ years I have used it by adding new analysis features, numerous bearing and seal models, and new input/output formats. It is a living program that gets better and better every year.

Larry Hawkins
Director of Technology:Magnetic Bearings, Calnetix Technologies

About our Partners

Please note: RMA, Inc. collaborates technically with our partners, sharing knowledge and so forth (i.e. not financially).  They are freely listed here because they can help others in their quests for knowledge in the rotordynamics field.

Waukesha Bearings.

Waukesha Bearings® is a global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered hydrodynamic bearings and brush seals for high-performing turbomachinery and rotating equipment. Optimized for top performance in oil & gas, power generation, marine and industrial markets, Waukesha Bearings products are engineered for low power consumption, reduced operating temperatures, and increased reliability and efficiency. Among the company’s proven technologies is the integral squeeze film damper, or ISFD®, design. With stiffness and damping defined independently and optimized through rotordynamic analysis, the ISFD® design provides superior damping effectiveness to increase dynamic stability and control vibrations.

The expert engineers at Waukesha Bearings can provide comprehensive rotordynamic analysis to validate original builds for OEMs or to diagnose problems and propose the right solutions for end users. Typical applications include gas, steam and hydro turbines, centrifugal gas compressors, gearboxes, pumps and motors. Waukesha Bearings is an operating company of Dover and is the parent company of Bearings Plus®, which serves the bearings aftermarket with repairs, replacements and custom technology upgrades.

Professor Luis San Andres

Luis San Andrés is the Mast-Childs Chair Professor at TAMU and a researcher of the Turbomachinery Laboratory. He is a a well known analyst and experimentalist in the fields of fluid film lubrication and rotordynamics. Dr. San Andrés has performed research on the analysis and experimental verification of gas foil bearing performance for high temperature oil free turbomachinery and squeeze film dampers for aircraft jet engines. His computational codes, benchmarked against test data, are standards in the rotating machinery industry. Dr. San Andrés and his students have published over 180 papers, several earning best paper awards. 

Prof. San Andrés is an ASME Fellow and STLE Fellow, a member of the Advisory Committee for the Houston-Turbomachinery Symposium, and Chair of the Asia Turbomachinery & Pump Symposium.

Visit his URL site at http://rotorlab.tamu.edu. His class notes on hydrodynamic lubrication theory and vibrations make for excellent reading. Free downloads at the web site.

Oil-Free Machinery, LLC., Dan Lubell, Owner

Dan has worked with industrial and aerospace turbomachinery, and became specialized in oil-free and high speed system rotordynamics, bearings, and production transitions with over 20 years of hands-on R&D experience. Dan has worked with industry leading technology in this area at Capstone Turbine, Honeywell Aerospace, and Calnetix Technologies. He has been a significant contributor to several new centerline designs for both conventional and oil-free systems and is as comfortable with design and test as he is with analysis. Dan has a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering which he earned at the Texas A&M University Turbo Lab in College Station, Texas. Prior to that, he received a Bachelors in Engineering Science from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Dan has published papers on squeeze film dampers and foil bearing developments.

Full Spectrum Diagnostics, PLLC

Full Spectrum Diagnostics is a consulting company specializing in vibration analysis, machinery condition monitoring, and specialized vibration training. Dan Ambre, the president and owner of Full Spectrum Diagnostics has over 20+ years of vibration test, analysis, and design experience in Rotordynamics applications, Finite Element Modeling, and Experimental Modal Analysis. FSD is
announcing a new course for Rotordynamics Analysis training using the XLRotor Analysis Software Tools provided by Rotating Machinery Analysis, Inc. FDS also provides detailed turbine generator baseline analysis as a consulting service.


Rotor dynamic problem solving expertise is the cornerstone of VIBRAGON. This expertise results from 40+ years and counting of experience at the rotating machinery divisions of United Technologies Corporation and in private consulting. David Hibner, president and a retired Rotor Dynamics Fellow of Pratt & Whitney, specializes in solving “show-stopper” vibration and instability problems, XLRotor dynamic analysis and training, and oil film damper design and analysis. He also has developed a practical and widely acclaimed one-day rotor dynamics course that is aimed at a broad engineering and management audience, and is based on extensive practical and analytical career experience.  For more information, contact David at vibragon@prodigy.net.