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What clients say:

XLRotor is fast, and because XLRotor models are transportable to our clients and suppliers, we can easily share results and make difficult decisions in a minimum amount of time. I should also note that the capability and functionality of XLRotor continues to expand. As far as support, Dr. Murphy responds almost immediately to any questions or issues we may have

Robert C. Eisenmann
Senior Engineering Advisor, Sulzer Turbo Services Houston Inc.

Our Management Team

Dr. Brian Murphy: President and Founder

Daniel Lubell: Vice-President of Sales and Technical Support

About Dr. Murphy

Dr. Murphy received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida (1978) and Texas A&M University (1984), respectively. At Texas A&M he taught undergraduate classes, and performed research in the field of dynamics of high speed rotating machinery.

From 1984 to 1992 he worked at the Rocketdyne Division of Rockwell International, where he performed research and development for analysis and testing in the areas of structural dynamics and rotor dynamics for liquid rocket engine turbomachinery. He played key roles in the development of new advanced bearing and seal technologies for high performance rotating machines, including ultra high speed rolling element bearings, magnetic bearings, high pressure hydrostatic fluid film bearings, and high pressure pump seals. During those years he also served as part time faculty at the California State University in Northridge, CA, teaching senior level machinery dynamics.

In 1988 he was a founding partner in an engineering consulting firm. In 1992 he left Rocketdyne to devote full time to that effort, now called RSR, Incorporated. Within that organization he performed field troubleshooting of machinery vibration problems, developed and marketed computer software for rotating machinery dynamic analysis, and consulted to industry on the design and analysis of high performance rotating machines.

From 1993 to 2014 he was on the staff of the Center for Electromechanics at the University of Texas at Austin, where he performed research related to high performance rotating machinery. This included analysis and design of high performance electromechanical machinery such as motors, generators, and energy storage flywheels. Other areas of research included design, analysis and manufacturing of high performance filament wound composite structures, with emphasis on application to high speed rotors.

In 2014 he left the University of Texas to devote full time to RMA, Inc. and the continued development of XLRotor.

Dr. Murphy has authored or co-authored more than 40 papers, and contributes extensively to industry symposia and conferences. He also is a sponsor and administrator of www.rotordynamics.org, a searchable online bibliographic index of about 25,000 books, scholarly papers, and other publications dedicated to rotordynamics.

About Daniel Lubell

Daniel Lubell received his BS in Engineering Science from Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. He then proceeded to get his MS from Texas A&M University, where he taught undergraduate classes and discovered a passion for turbomachinery and rotordynamics within the Turbomachinery Laboratory. Daniel’s initial research was with Squeeze Film Dampers, but upon entering industry, gained experience with many variations of small turbomachinery in the 1 kW to 1MW range and the unique dynamics of oil-free foil bearing supported machines.

From 1996 thru 2000, Daniel worked with APU’s, radial compressors, and some thrust jets at Sundstrand Aerospace, in San Diego. This included essential experience with new centerline machines for new applications.

From there, Daniel went to Capstone Turbine (2000 thru 2012), working extensively with oil-free microturbines, and was a key team member for bringing the C65 and C200 products to market. This included rotordynamics, foil bearing design, and contributing to the overall machine layout. To date, these products remain the uncontested largest production volume high temperature foil bearings in the world, with over 9000 units in the field with 10’s of millions of operating hours

In 2012, Daniel managed engineering teams for Calnetix Technologies’ diverse product range that included conventional turbomachinery as well as state of the art machines based on Active Magnetic Bearings and high speed direct drive machines. During this time, Daniel started Oil-Free Machinery, LLC, an engineering consultancy for foil bearing supported turbomachinery.

In 2015, having developed novel design approaches for oil-free turbomachinery based on his unique experience, Daniel transitioned to running Oil-Free Machinery, LLC as a full time career. Increasing in size to 3 full time engineers and over 15 experienced part-time consulting engineers, the company scope has extended to include conventional turbomachinery with low emissions and high efficiency for distributed power generation. Beginning in 2017, Daniel joined the RMA Inc team to support the XLRotor family of products for turbomachinery and bearings. His responsibilities have been increasing, and is now VP of Sales and Technical Support.