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What clients say:

Being a regular XLRotor user, I am impressed with its breadth and depth. One can be productive with this tool at any level of experience. The Xcel format gives you the ability to customize your tools to your liking. Just as important, this program has useful example projects and one of the best help files I have ever used. While most of my questions are answered in the thorough help file, service is exceptionally prompt when needed and just an email away. XLHydroDyn is a fantastic complement and is highly recommended.

Scott Wait
Sundyne LLC

A Message from Dr. Brian T. Murphy, PhD, PE

I founded Rotating Machinery Analysis, Inc. (RMA) in 1994 to provide consulting services and software to the rotating machinery community. In 1995, we began marketing XLRotor, a suite of analysis tools for rotating machinery dynamics. Today, engineers around the world (including myself and my colleagues) use XLRotor to solve rotordynamics problems every day.

People inevitably put something of themselves into everything they make. With XLRotor, we have incorporated 30 years of our experience into a comprehensive product for analyzing rotating equipment. Our customers can expect reliable, versatile software that:

  • Can be tailored to specific requirements
  • Accepts data from other software with minimal effort
  • Delivers accurate results, quickly, and
  • Outputs those results in industry standard files and charts

In addition, we are committed to delivering prompt, responsive, and personalized support for any issues or questions that might arise.

– Dr. Brian T. Murphy, PhD, PE