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What clients say:

I find XLRotor a unique and powerful rotordynamics software where its ease of use, productivity, Excel interface and automation with its new feature of Singular Value Decomposition analysis make it the BEST of all its kind. Moreover complicated and time consuming analyses can easily and efficiently be carried out in XLRotor within a very short time. The prompt technical support is outstanding. XLRotor is simply a MUST software for every engineer willing to master the rotordynamics field.

Dr. Mohamed Al Yahyai
Power Engineering Centre, School of Water, Energy and Environment, Cranfield University, UK


The XLRotor Tour briefly illustrates what XLRotor looks like in action, tells you about some of its many features and benefits, and gives you a feel of what it’s like to perform your own analysis using the software. There are two versions of the Tour. The Quick Tour shown below which provides a very brief overview, and the more extensive tour available via download.

The downloaded Tour is a Windows Help file hypertext document, and is a 1.4 MB download. You need only Microsoft Windows (any version) to run the Tour. Excel is not required, however Windows Vista and later may require adding support for Windows Help files. Use the link shown above to take you to the download page. The demo is a self installing executable file. Just download it, run it, and follow the prompts to install the Tour on your hard drive.

XLRotor Quick Tour

Ease of use

XLRotor has one of the world’s most familiar and user friendly interfaces. If you know how to operate any Windows based spreadsheet program, then you’re ready to start using XLRotor. Having little to no learning curve is a big plus for those who do more than just rotordynamic analysis.

Model Build Versatility

In XLRotor, all model inputs are entered on worksheets. This provides amazing versatility in how you build your models. You can do everything the old way by entering values, but you can also use formulas to compute inputs, even compute them from other inputs. All the power of Excel is at your disposal. By using Visual Basic macros, your models can practically build themselves.

Extensive Analysis Capabilities

All XLRotor analysis and modeling operations are readily available on a custom Ribbon tab in Excel. The analysis capabilities of XLRotor are extensive. They include:

  • undamped critical speed maps
  • damped eigenvalues and stability
  • synchronous and asynchronous forced response
  • operating deflected shapes
  • indeterminate static deflections
  • linear and nonlinear transient response
  • and many more

Flexible Model and Analysis Options

Model and analysis options are set using tabbed dialog boxes. All settings are saved within every rotor model workbook file. Options can be set to control creation and display of your model, analysis parameters, and formatting of results.

Choice of Bearing Applications and Types

Bearings, seals and other types of interconnecting elements are also modeled using worksheets. These worksheets are like stand alone applications which can be kept in separate workbook files, or embedded within rotor model workbook files. XLRotor comes with worksheets for many different bearing and seal types. In addition, users can create worksheets that import data from their own bearing or seal analysis programs, or even execute those programs from the worksheet. This integration allows legacy analysis codes to be easily integrated into XLRotor without requiring any modification, greatly increasing their usefulness and your productivity.

See Your Results in Motion

XLRotor has a multitude of features that make your work go faster and easier. It is easy to see your results in motion by using one of several animation tools.

Automatic Graphic Chart Creation

XLRotor is very much a graphical program. Analysis results are always placed on worksheets with charts created automatically from customizable templates. XLRotor shines when it comes to reporting because the formats for tabular and graphical results can be customized to any degree. XLRotor output results are easily moved to your favorite Word processor or Presentation application. Customization of output formats can be applied to all your XLRotor work, or unique to each project.

XLRotor Is

  • Fast
  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable
  • Easy to Automate
  • Graphically friendly
  • Flexible to your needs
  • Can integrate your legacy analysis codes

Choose the rotordynamics package that has it all.