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What clients say:

I find XLRotor a unique and powerful rotordynamics software where its ease of use, productivity, Excel interface and automation with its new feature of Singular Value Decomposition analysis make it the BEST of all its kind. Moreover complicated and time consuming analyses can easily and efficiently be carried out in XLRotor within a very short time. The prompt technical support is outstanding. XLRotor is simply a MUST software for every engineer willing to master the rotordynamics field.

Dr. Mohamed Al Yahyai
Power Engineering Centre, School of Water, Energy and Environment, Cranfield University, UK

XLRotor Overview

XLRotor is a complete Rotordynamics Suite that is versatile, fast, and easy to learn. XLRotor includes modules for most types of bearings and seals plus popular instability models. In addition, XLTorsion for torsional dynamics and XLCoupled for coupled lateral-torsional are always included with XLRotor and not cost-adding modules. Take the Tour, review the features, read the FAQs, and learn about the multitude of utilities available to help you do your job faster and easier.


The XLRotor Tour illustrates what XLRotor looks like in action, tells you about some of its many features and benefits, and gives you a feel of what it’s like to perform your own analysis using the software.


XLRotor is the result of over 35 years of experience in designing algorithms and software specifically for rotordynamics analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers about XLRotor’s capabilities, reporting, platform, system requirements, technical support and much more.

XLRotor Support

Commercial and educational purchasers of new XLRotor licenses and updates receive 12 months of maintenance and support from the date of purchase. This is not just use of software questions but also input on your rotordynamic questions. See here for more: Annual Maintenance – Support

Gallery of Charts

Samples of the charts created automatically by XLRotor.


A popular optional program for full in-depth analysis and design of radial hydrodynamic fluid film bearings. This is a bearing designer grade tool that permits complex heat transfer modeling and loading in any orientation.


Another optional program that is ideally paired with XLHydroDyn to create a complete hydrodynamic bearing analysis suite appropriate for modern turbomachine design projects.

XLThrustBearing provides the user with hydrodynamic fluid film thrust bearings analysis capability appropriate for sizing and system integration (secondary flows, thrust balancing, and more).


Three files are available for download—the XLRotor Data Sheet, the XLRotor Tour, and the XLRotor 5-station full-featured evaluation version.

Release Notes

A list of what’s new in the latest release, along with a history of program updates.