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What clients say:

I've used XLRotor since its inception in the mid 90's and found the program to be very user friendly and easy to learn. The spreadsheet format allows varying degrees of analysis depth in a time efficient manner, quick and easy checks on the input data, and flexible format plots to satisfy changing customer needs and requirements.

Dr. Fouad Zeidan
President (now retired), KMC Inc./Bearings Plus, Inc.


XLThrustBearing may be purchased as a standalone program or paired with other XLRotor products. For most users, combining with XLHydroDyn would create a complete hydrodynamic bearing analysis suite appropriate for modern turbomachine design projects.

XLThrustBearing provides the user with hydrodynamic fluid film thrust bearings analysis capability appropriate for sizing and system integration (secondary flows, thrust balancing, and more).  It can be used for modeling of the following fixed and pivoting thrust bearing types:

Like XLRotor and XLHydroDyn, the program is based on a fast and robust solver paired with an intuitive interface using MS Excel. Ideal for new users to pick up quickly, but with the utility required for a new turbomachine project.

The analysis is a full-film solution of Reynolds equation. The program offers many options enabling it to handle a wide variety of applications.

XLThrustBearing includes all of the details required to define modern thrust bearings, and presented in an easily understood schematic:

  • Number of Pads
  • Pad ID and OD
  • Pad Arc Length
  • Taper Depth defined at ID and OD
  • Extent of taper
  • Pivot location
  • Pad Crown
  • Pivot Tilt Stiffness (radial and circumferential)

Up to 250 cases may be defined, based on specified loads or specified clearances, and then run with a single click. The output is in a logical layout with both tables and plots.

  • Thrust Load and Specific Load
  • Min Clearance of the film and at the Pivot
  • Temperature Rise and Max values
  • Power Loss
  • Lubricant Flow Rate
  • Film Stiffness and Damping
  • Effective Viscosity
  • Max Film Pressure
  • Pad tilt (no pad deformation)
  • Oil temperature and flows at each edge

In addition, Full 2D results for Film Pressure, Thickness, and Temperature are presented in rich contours or 3D plots that the user can manipulate.

The full 2D flow of oil across the pad is presented in an easily understood vector plot:

Like all of our software licenses, combined software packages or additional licenses mean significant discounts. Email sales@xlrotor.com or call +1.512.592.7606 for a customized quote.

XLThrustBearing is fully supported directly by RMA Inc along with XLRotor and XLHydroDyn.